About us

We're a small, bootstrapped team of ex-big tech engineers and a product manager. We think of ourselves as a small-batch software shop in the world dominated by large tech corporations.

We "build in public" and openly share how we operate in our "Behind the Scenes" newsletter and podcast.

We publish updates and engage with our users on our subreddit. File a bug, request a feature or just say hi. We love hearing back from users!

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Meet the team

picture of Ilya Bezdelev

Ilya Bezdelev

Ilya is a co-founder and Chief Everything-That's-Not-Engineering Officer. He loves design, marketing, and business in general. Ilya has previously worked as a product manager at Google and Amazon and holds a BS in Computer Science from Baikal State University and an MBA from The Wharton School.

picture of Arnab Deka

Arnab Deka

Arnab is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. He loves building products, talking to and learning from customers, collaborating on the product vision, and bringing it to life. Arnab’s extensive experience spans multiple technology companies, from fledgling startups to a century-old banking behemoth, and BigTech companies like Amazon. Most recently, he was with AWS for 12 years, leaving in 2022 as a Principal Engineer.

picture of Jennie Buechner

Jennie Buechner

Jennie is a Senior Software Engineer who loves podcasts, solving challenging problems, making delightful products for customers, and adventure. After a combined 6 years of working with Arnab and Ilya at AWS, she already knew she loved working with them - so joining Metacast was a no-brainer! Prior to being a software engineer, Jennie was a teacher for 12 years and is passionate about helping people learn.