MetacastThe podcast app that helps you learn.

Access transcripts for any podcast, bookmark insights, search for keywords, share quotes. Get smarter, one episode at a time.

Metacast is in beta.

Why use Metacast?

Don't just listen to podcasts. Learn from them.

How it works

Find your favorite podcasts

Podcasts you listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or other apps are available on Metacast. Just search and tap the heart button. Your favorites will always wait for you on Home. A blue dot will help you see which podcasts have new episodes.

Use transcripts to find interesting bits

Seamlessly switch between listening and reading. The audio and the transcript are always on the screen together, complementing each other. Like yin and yang. Skim uninteresting parts, long intros and ads. Search for specific topics. Jumping around feels like magic with transcripts.

Bookmark and share insights

Bookmark an insight to listen to it again, copy to a note-taking app, or share on social media. Metacast is a swipetastic app. Every action is a swipe. Swipe right to bookmark, swipe left to share.

Take a peek behind the scenes

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